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  • Operation Texas (OpTex) is a group of dedicated Texas Patriots who believe in The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, our Founding Fathers, and the beliefs and principles upon which We The People established The American Republic. As Texans, we are resolute in the belief that Texas is a sovereign, free, and independent State, founded upon a social pact and sanctioned by the free will of its people.
  • Operation Texas (OpTex) is not a company, a non-profit organization, a for-profit organization, nor any other type of business or denominational entity. It is not a militia, or any other type of paramilitary organization; although we are staunch supporters of The Second Amendment. It is a group of Texans, governed and operated by the Membership through voluntary participation, for the benefit of the individual, family, community, and The Great State of Texas.
  • Operation Texas (OpTex) has no membership fees and is open to all Texans. The sole requirement is that a person be dedicated to the family, community, Texas, and The American Republic.

We want to work with true Texas Patriots who are ready, willing and able to assist us in achieving these goals.

If that description fits you, and you are ready to make a real difference for Texas, please click the button below now.